About us

Our Story

A shared passion for tennis and a desire to create a brand combining creativity, chic spirit and sports travel are at the heart of this project. Being constantly immersed in the world of tennis and witnessing tennis players’ wants and needs firsthand, we began to imagine the first products we could create. That’s how it all started! For the last few years, we have been imagining and searching for new ideas non-stop. We are driven by a real desire to innovate, which makes us want to create a world of tennis that is chic, creative and athletic at the same time and that also serves the golf community with common values such as respect, performance, and happiness. We live out our passion intensely and we want to offer you products that both serve and inspire you.


We are inspired by our observations in the worlds of tennis and golf, but also from opening our minds to travel and discovering wonderful places where these two wonderful sports are played, and finally from rare encounters that steer the future.


Above all, we want to be able to offer you innovative, creative and high-quality products that are different from other brands—products that are dedicated to practicing the sport, lifestyle and fashion, allowing every customer to find and share their passion among strong common values.


For all tennis and golf players to enthusiastically and proudly enjoy living out their passion by using LOROW products.

Creativity – Innovation – Design – Passion – Quality

The Two Founders

Nadine and Eric founded the LOROW brand.

Eric Loreau

CEO - Engineering & Marketing Department

Eric has always been a tennis enthusiast. With technical and marketing training, he aims to imagine and develop products that respond to the expectations and needs of players worldwide.

Nadine Loreau

General Manager - Sales & Marketing Department

Nadine loves tennis and travel. With business and marketing training, she aims to combine these two passions by making each player dream of playing on the other side of the world.